Wednesday, May 29, 2019


All right, so hopefully this is really good, because I have class in like 20 minutes, hi guys. So today I wanted to talk to everybody about just simple ways that I help the environment every day and they're super simple things. I think that it's more important than you know using a refillable water bottle or taking shorter showers. I think there's tons of little things that we can do every day, they're, so so easy people don't realize what kind of impact they're making. Just by doing the simple everyday things, so I thought I would share just small things that I do every day to help and if you have more ideas, feel free to go and put them down below, because I'm always looking to adopt new things. In my lifestyle - and I am NOT saying by any means that I'm an environmentally I'm far from perfect - these are just small things that I do to help alright. So the number one thing I'm not going to elaborate on is um. In my opinion, the number one thing you can do to help the environment is by adopting a vegan diet. It, which is the best way to save the planet and save lives as well um. But I'm not going to spend a lot of time on that. So if you are interested in at all in the information behind this, I would highly recommend checking out cowspiracy. The second thing that I do is I bring my own bags with me. I do this at more than the grocery store I have like. You know cute ones that I bring along with me and I bring bags with me everywhere. I go no matter what I'm buying. I refuse to take a bag. When I go shopping, when I go run into CVS, just little things I never ever ever use a bag, you would be pretty dang disgusted by how many bags are out there and what kind of oceans they're floating in and what people's environments they're flooding store them. In your car, do whatever you got to do, keep them in your purse. Keep in your pocket! You'Re gon na make personal carry things when you don't have a bag. My third tip is to stay away from packaged foods. Not only is it going to be better for your health to eat Whole Foods, you know fruits and vegetables, but it's going to be so much better on the environment, because not only do things not have to be manufactured in a factory, but they don't need all The excess packaging as well, whether it's popcorn or chips or dried fruit - it all is, you know, manufactured in some sort of way and is not a whole food. My fourth tip, which kind of goes along with this, is to stay away from fast food and things like unnecessary trips to coffee shops and all things like that, if necessary, and you really need to go to one of these places, bring your own mug they'll fill It up for you and they'll be happy to, and they probably are taking money off of your order too. I also bring my own cutlery with me. I have a little portable cutlery thing that has a fork knife, spoon and chopsticks in it, and it's awesome. I bring it with me everywhere. I just leave in my purse and I'm good to go. My fifth tip is to only buy things like makeup and other products when absolutely necessary, meaning make sure you get through all of one before you go and buy another. If you don't like a mascara too bad use it up before you go and buy another one, and if you do feel the need to buy. You know certain products check out places like lush, where you can bring in the containers in the recycle them. For you to my sixth tip is to stay away from things like pamphlets and notebooks and just unnecessary paper. If you're walking around and people are handing out pamphlets, you don't have to take one if you are in school and you're taking notes. I take all my notes on my laptop, which is super helpful. Then you don't need to buy a notebook. I also use my computer and my phone as my planner, so I just use my calendar on there there's apps literally for everything. Now I also this was the hardest thing to get used to, and I know that it really really really sucks because I like to hold the physical copy. I get all of my magazine subscriptions online now. I also will read like the newspaper most of my text books that I have the option to buy them online. I buy those online too because not only is it super super portable and I can bring my textbooks now with me anywhere. I go, but I'm not um. You know knocking down a tree for one semester. You can also decline things like flyers and news burrs and things like that via different websites online. So you don't have to get all the unnecessary spam to your mailbox and the stuff that you know comes in and you just throw it directly into the recycling bin. And I would say, if necessary, if you need to use a notebook in class. Because a lot of people like to write their own notebooks make sure you're using them all the way through till the end. If you have a notebook where you still have like 20 pages left at the end, just rip out the stuff at the front, use those 20 pages and then throw a loose-leaf in at the end. And you can also just scavenger your house for leftover things from previous semesters and things like that and my seventh tip is to just consume less every single thing you buy comes from. You know different factories all around the world. Each product you buy has shipping transportation and raw materials that go into it and packaging, and you wouldn't believe the excess packaging on things like makeup and water bottles and just small products that need to be shipped around the world. But they can't risk them getting damaged. In between the factory and the customer, because the customers not going to buy it, you would actually be amazed with how much plastic and cardboard and styrofoam and just stuff is around these products, so just make sure you're thinking about. Do I really need this before buying it? I guess and use places like eBay is awesome, so try buying used furniture and trust me if you are buying less little objects, you're going to be so much more open-minded and level-headed and less stress throughout the day. If you've got less objects cluttering your life and it really opens up your emotional well-being, I guess because, at the end of the day, more things don't equal happiness. So just think about what everything you are consuming in your life has an impact on. I mean more than just the planet on yourself on your mental. My eighth tip is to try and avoid using like the paper towel in the bathroom whenever you're in public place, because that adds up but yeah. That is it. Those are all of my tips today if you have more feel free to leave them below and that's all I have to say, I will talk to you guys next time remember to stay happy, humble and vegan bye, guys and it kind of coats. Your hair in like a very similar way, in a sense that, if


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