Wednesday, May 29, 2019

8 Everyday Things you can do to Help Protect the Environment

Environmental awareness, 101, eight everyday things you can do to help the environment by Shane, TM step, one, take shorter showers and turn the water off when you're, applying shampoo step two, when you are brushing your teeth or guys when you shave turn the water off when you're, Not using it step, three buy some reusable bags when you go shopping now, a lot of stores are charging for the plastic bags. These bags don't have very much plastic in them and can't be recycled so end up in the garbage instead think ahead. Step. Four. Take a bus bike, walk or share a ride when you go out less vehicles on the road leads to less emission and greenhouse gases. Step 5. If you are out and buy a can of pop or a bottle of water and there's no recycling bin around take what you have home and recycle it there step 6, wash your clothes in cold water and if you have a small load, adjust the amount of Water needed in the washer there are a lot of new detergents on the market, specifically for cold water usage step 7 when shopping for cleaning products, look for the green or eco-friendly products; step 8, don't crank up the air conditioning in the summer and the heat in The winter, if you are going out and will be back for a while, adjust the temperature and change it when you return, even a few degrees in temperature can make a big difference in power consumption. Keep these ideas in mind. Take part in the solution to make tomorrow a better future


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